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House of Chicks this is where I got my awsome Vulva puppet! Order one of your own or take sex education classes at their Vulva University.

Adult Toy and Lingerie Parties-Don't be Shy  Great article, check it out if you feeling unsure about attendending or hosting a Romance Party!

Going Green in Bed From Fox News - I love anything that discusses going green or being sustainable!

USA Today article on the benefits of direct sales

Susie Bright's "How To Write a Dirty Story" -The source for the exercises used in the "Naughty Thoughts" workshop.

Susie's site- She's an amazing lady. Check her out!

Amazing internet radio show co-hosted by my friend Poisyn! Check out her and Ash every Wednesday night at 9pm CST!

Go Go Mama Go -A great site for mom business owners! Check out my answers to Christine's "5 Questions"