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Bent Graduate (#754)  Sometimes you just need the right tool for the job. The Bent Graduate is that tool! It's an excellent G-spot toy. In fact it's my best selling G-spot Toy! Made out of glass, it's firm, slick (especially with lube) and gives you direct, consistent pressure right where you need it. The Bent Graduate has a definite bend in the neck — just about a 45 degree angle — that allows for both easy insertion and ergonomic ease as you press it against the G-spot (or p-spot for that matter); you"ll get the exact amount of pressure you're craving without giving yourself or your partner carpal tunnel. :-)

 As if that wasn't enough, the other end functions as a handle, is easy to grip and has a thinner disc which separates it from the smooth shaft of the G-spot end. The bumpy handle can be used for vaginal or anal insertion, or for some delicious rubbing over your clit (or under the head of your penis). This is a must have for every "toy box"!


Shunga has created the new Dragon Virility Cream™, specially formulated for men. Its exclusive formula, made from all-natural extracts and herbs, helps men from the very first application to unleash their power and energy from their manhood. Ideal for controlling sexual pleasure, the cream is applied prior to intercourse by massaging it all over the shaft of the male genitalia. The fire and ice sensation will take effect in minutes to follow. Furthermore, once your lover has come in contact with you and the cream, it will sensitize and intensify her pleasure, which will help you bring her to the peak of multiple intense orgasms.