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Have 7 or 8 friends over and I can teach you how to reignite the romance in your life. A Romance Party is sort of like an educational Candle Party.....

only sexier and a lot more fun.

During my fun and tasteful presentation, I aim to equip you with the knowledge you need to be more comfortable, competent and above all confident in your "bedroom" abilities. There is nothing sexier than a confident woman.

Need a special type of party?  I can customize my presentation based around a topic or event. Couples parties are always a lot of fun too. Need a new idea for a bachelorette party you have to plan? I've got you covered! Contact me to book your date today!

Want to have a party that's different from anyone else's? Let's do a theme party! How much fun would it be to have the girls over for a "SANDALS & SANGRIA" party? What about a "Babes and Beer" event? Let's make it a "Pajama Party" or a "Margarita Monday" bash. Have an idea of your own? Let me know and we'll customize your party invitations! Contact me to book your own event!

Does your group,business or organization need a speaker? I offer many non-retail presentations that may be a perfect fit. Topics offered are:

Naughty Thoughts: Becoming Comfortable & Confident w/ your Sesual Fantasies

Reigniting Romance in your Relationship

Sex Toys 101

Womens Sexual Health & Wellness

Female Orgasm and the G-Sopt

Talking to your Kids about Sex

Get Your Sexy Back

Don't see what you're looking for? Call me and I can design a customized event.

Contact Rachel to book  today!