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I'm looking for fun, mature, outgoing people to join my team.

Would you be interested in making an extra $400 and $2000+ per month working a part-time business around your schedule?

You can earn money like this by leading 1-5 workshops per month. Plus, you can earn monthly CASH bonuses, free company trips and even win For Your Pleasure® contests with CASH prizes.

Some things to think about.....

If you are working now or have in the past... Do you laugh and enjoy your work all the time?   I DO!

Do you set the hours you want to work?  I DO!

Do you look forward to going to work?  I DO!

Do you get to choose who you work with?  I DO!

Does your job offer you the chance for "unlimited" earnings?  Mine does!

Does your job give you the chance to earn a FREE trip to Hawaii? Mine is!

If this "work" sounds interesting to you and you think you'd like to take advantage of the opportunity to be your own boss, contact me today and learn how you can "work smarter, not harder" by joining the For Your Pleasure® team!

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