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Are you looking for fun, new ways to fan the flames of romance?

You came to the right place! Host your own "Reigniting Romance" sex toy party where I, Rachel Miller, a For Your Pleasure® Independent Business Associate, will show you and your friends how to stage an incredible evening of romance and seduction for your sweetie with the amazing line of For Your Pleasure® products! Trust me, your friends and their partners will thank you. Available for parties and events all over Northwest Indiana and Chicagoland.

Now is the time to Book your Fall & Winter Parties!

Why you ask? Well why not? Who couldn't use a night away from kids, spouses and work? Who isn't looking for a fun, fabulous night with the girls? Does this describe you? Then let me help you create an extraordinary party experience for you and your favorite friends!! How much fun could you have with a "Slippers & Sangria" party? Who wouldn't love a taste of summer with a "Hawaiian Luau"? How many of your peeps would love to come hang out with you at your "Pizza & PJ's" pleasure party? Got an idea of your own? Let's get together and party!

Check my calendar for my upcoming events, appearances & open dates. My party dates fill up fast so contact me today!  219.775.0678 

Need more reasons to host or attend a romance party, besides having fun with friends and earning Free Romance Products? Here are a few things past hostesses and guests have had to say:

"Great time with the girls! Glad I hosted" Heather C.

"Great show, very informative to all levels of sexual experience." Holly V.

"First party, absolutely loved it!" Erica F.

"Loved the party! Rachel is an excellent demonstrator, very approachable and fun!" Julie P.

Invited to a party you can't attend?

Shop at my store , your hostess will still get credit! The entire catalog is available for you to browse! Bummed that you're going to miss all the fun? You can also help your hostess by booking your very own fun, fabulous Romance Party.
Check out my calendar for available dates then give me a call so we can start planning!

Want a fun,easy way to recession proof your income?

Take a look at the For Your Pleasure® business opportunity. I can help you eliminate a bill from your budget or earn some "fun" money for you and your family! Be in business for yourself but never by yourself. The time to sign up is now. Fall is the biggest selling season for direct sellers! I'd love to have you as part of my team of romance consultants. Team Brazen Elegance needs you! Be your own boss and control your own income potential while you PARTY FOR A LIVING!

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